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PATTERNITY_TobyWinteringham_WallpaperHandmade 2014_Studio PATTERNITY_TobyW_Sketch


PATTERNITY and Toby Winteringham combined concept and craft to create ‘The Structure Of Chocolate’ in collaboration with chocolatier Pierre Marcolini for the Wallpaper* Handmade project.

The blueprint of the piece symbolises one single hexagonal chocolate molecule (theobromine), with each different element represented by pattern and shape in modular marquetry forms.

Commissioned by Wallpaper* to ‘design something more permanent than a cardboard box’ PATTERNITY and Toby Winteringham joined forces to create a scientifically inspired marquetry container of sycamore and fumed oak in which the chocolate and the box become one.

Pierre Marcolini’s chocolates perfectly inlay and embellish the marquetry structure both on and beneath the surface, with the wood encasing infusing Pierre’s signature chocolates with a unique flavour that would be unobtainable in any other box.

True to PATTERNITY’s principles, the resulting chocolate display celebrates the unifying nature of pattern as a powerful tool with which to educate and inspire – and, in this case, enhance flavour in the process.

Photography: Katie Jackling, Set Design: Katie Fotis

With special thanks to Tony Chambers + the team at Wallpaper*

THE STRUCTURE OF CHOCOLATE is out in August’s Wallpaper* Handmade Issue 2014 page 077.