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PATTERNITY were interviewed by the Environmental Justice Foundation about the concept behind the t-shirt collaboration; highlighting the importance of design to make a change, and the power of visualising important data through pattern in order to encourage people to take notice…

What motivated or inspired you to become a designer?  

Design can be such a powerful tool with which to tell important and worthwhile stories about the world in which we live, to make things engaging and accessible. It can also be a great way to unite disparates and bring together specialisms – something fundamental to why we started PATTERNITY back in 2009.  Our projects are centred solely around pattern but having such a focused design approach has allowed us to connect the dots and dig beneath the surface of many different fields – from art and design through to science and nature – even history, health and education.

What made you want to get involved with EJF’s Save the Sea Campaign?

It can be easy to forget quite how reliant and deeply interconnected we are to our environment – both on land and at sea.  Using pattern to drive awareness of important causes is fundamental to our mission at PATTERNITY so when we were approached by EJF and read the core data for ourselves we were inspired to design a pattern that would visualise the information and encourage people to take notice.

What inspired your design for the Save the Sea t-shirt? 

The data we wanted to drive awareness of on was the time it takes for seagrass beds to re-grow after damage caused by illegal bottom trawling (60 years). Endangered species rely on these ecosystems for survival so our aim was to use pattern to heighten the understanding of this important fact.  As with all our projects our aim was to use pattern to encourage a more mindful awareness of our environment and the impact our patterns of behaviour can have on the world – hopefully proving that design can be both beautiful and informative.



Read more about the project here and purchase a T-Shirt to help the cause here.

PATTERNITY is committed to using pattern as a tool to help people better understand + feel connected to the world around them – driving positive social change.

“Because a shared awareness + understanding of pattern can positively shape our world”

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