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Delving beneath the surface of life at Patternity Studio



PATTERNITY_supersymmetryRyoji-Ikeda_photo-Ryuichi-Maruo_Courtesy-Yamaguchi-Centre-for-Arts-and-Media-(YCAM)_2b_LOWSupersymmetry’Ryoji Ikeda

It’s the last chance to experience artist-composer Ryoji Ikeda’s installation Supersymmetry at The Vinyl Factory in London. Ikeda has drawn upon his experiences as artist in resident with CERN, who have been researching the idea of ‘supersymmetry’: a theoretical mathematical model that helps explain why particles have mass.

Mixing data projections and moving representations of particles, Ikeda visualises unseen patterns at an atomic level, immersing visitors in a visceral, multi-sensory experience that begins to unpick some of the bigger questions in mathematics and physics.

PATTERNITY_The-Vinyl-Factor_supersymmetry-(experiment)_-Ryoji-Ikeda_-2015_photo-credit-Jana-Chiello_3_lowSupersymmetry Ryoji Ikeda

PATTERNITY_SUPERSYMMETRY_Ryoji-IkedASupersymmetry Ryoji Ikeda

Visit Supersymmetry at The Vinyl Factory Space at Brewer Street Car Park, London until 31st May 2015