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EYEImage: Eye affected by Kayser–Fleischer rings – dark rings that appear to encircle the iris of the eye. They are due to copper deposition in part of the cornea (Descemet’s membrane) as a result of particular liver disease

Moorfields Eye Hospital in London makes 1,400 customised, detailed prosthetic eyes every year, each with a unique iris pattern matched to the individual.
Thousands of people annually lose eyes to disease and accidents, and the team carry out a specialised process of casting and shaping and painting prosthetic eyes.

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Here, ocularist David Carpenter explains the entire process of how a single prosthetic eye is made…


Image: Ben Gilbert/Wellcome. Images Blue iris colour being painted. The aim is to get as close a match as possible to the patient’s actual iris colour.

7.C0111709-copyMoorfieldseyemaking_7Image: Ben Gilbert/Wellcome Images. A gauge used to measure the diameter of the patient’s iris.

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