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1279424860921894985Image: The Ocean Clean Up


A young environmentalist has invented a new system for cleaning up the world’s oceans from the 8 million tons floating plastic debris, using groundbreaking designs that eliminate the risk to sea life.

Twenty-year-old Boyen Slat has created huge floating barriers – gryes – that will herd the plastic into themselves, leaving the current and sea life free to flow beneath.
TsushimaCamera3Image: The Ocean Clean Up

The systems will be used as early as 2016 in Japan, with more being planned across the whole of the ocean.

As we celebrate World Oceans Day today and honor the ocean which connects us all, we are encouraged to find a project that will help undo the damage caused by human consumption to one of our planet’s best and most beautiful resources.

Saltstraumen - Nordland - NorwaySaltstraumen Norway by Thomas Kleine

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