Pattern insight + emergence

Delving beneath the surface of life at Patternity Studio






We met with sustainable knitwear specialists Chinti and Parker to collaborate on a 28 piece collection for Autumn/Winter 2013, designing patterns that were inspired by the basic building blocks of the urban city that frame our everyday lives.

The collaboration manifested our philosophy on using pattern to encourage a heightened awareness of the world around us though Chinti + Parker’s timeless shapes and commitment to sustainable style.

The outcome – a 28-piece collection in black, navy, mint and cream- is a celebration of pattern, its inspiring presence within our everyday environments and its ability to positively engage us.  All creative direction for the collaboration —  from concept to branding and film co-direction – was undertaken by Patternity Studio.


Here we share some of our Q&A’s along the journey to give an insight into how and why collection came about and how the Patternity ethos came to life through simple shapes on knitwear…

Q: What did you love most about the collaboration?

A: ‘Collaborating with specialists in other fields and applying our patterns to new materials is fundamental to our working design process at Patternity so we actively seek collaborations that push the boundaries and expectations of pattern even further and introduce us to new materials and processes. As soon as we met Anna and Rachael aka Chinti + Parker and saw their products it soon became clear this was going to be an exciting opportunity to work with the ultimate knitwear specialists, merging our pattern innovation with such a staple, specialist and ethical product. It was a fascinating journey learning more about knitted pattern – we are passionate not only about championing specialist crafts but also understanding them – powering our pattern expertise and exploration further.’



Q:What the inspirations and difficulties were in the making of the collection ?
A: ‘As with everything we do at Patternity the inspiration comes from looking to the world around us more mindfully.  All our projects aim to encourage a more heightened awareness and sense of connection to our surroundings so for this collection we looked to urban architecture and the fundamental building blocks of life that surround us everywhere we go. The concept was ‘concious cloth meets concious pattern’ – remixing Chinti’s basic garment shapes with our trademark geometric pattern designs. The challenge was working with an entirely different material and process of construction – but it was a fascinating journey learning more about  knitted pattern – we are passionate not only about championing specialist crafts but also understanding them – powering our pattern expertise further.’



Q: Why is sustainability in fashion important?

A: ‘Patternity revolves around ‘visual’ patterns’ encouraging a more mindful way of ‘seeing’ but crucially this also carries over into less obvious patterns such at patterns of behavior and ways of ‘behaving’. Sustainability in fashion is crucial as it serves as a catalyst for more considered patterns of behavior – encouraging ethical choices when it comes to buying and consuming clothing and deviate from the mainstream. It is impossible to speak about ‘conciousness’ without sustainability – how things are made and the impact that has on the world around us. Sustainability is important to us at Patternity as we care about the world and what’s in it – this shapes many of the projects, collaborations and products we undertake as a studio.’




Q: Why is it important to be positively engaged with our environments? How does pattern recognition helps this?

A: “At the heart of all our projects lies the belief that a shared awareness of our environment and each other can have powerful and positive results.  At Patternity we use the omnipresence of pattern as a tool to encourage people to simply ‘notice more’ thus changing the way people see and engage with the world around them. As a result we hope to inspire a healthy curiosity and a further sense of wellbeing – engaging us with our environment and each other as we look at the world through a more mindful lens.”

The collection will be available to buy from Matches, Selfridges and Net-a-Porter and Chinti+Parker as of July 2013.