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Delving beneath the surface of life at Patternity Studio


Dior Cruise 16 presentation at the Bubble Palace or Palais Bulles. The futuristic Palace designed by Antti Lovag and built between 1975 and 89, was famously home to Pierre Cardin who previously worked at Dior.

LABIRINTO 1 by Alessandro Mendini The career of designer and architect Alessandro Mendini has had a key influence on twentieth century Italian design, encouraging designers to consider the heart and sensibilities of objects above commercialism. He once said “I am on a quest to communicate through my objects and work in general, trying to say things that encourage people to deepen meditation and spirituality”…

Geological Map of Part of the Appennine-Hadley Region of the Moon. Scale: 1:50,000. Here, large areas of  basalt and mountain debris are highlighted. The Apennine Mountains form a 15,000 cliff that rises higher above the Hadley plain than the Himalayan front above the plains of India and Nepal and is the region where Apollo 15 landed in 1971. Source: U.S Geological Survey

An Opuntia basilaris – otherwise known as the ‘Beavertail Cactus’ – grows in Joshua Tree in California. The plant was a staple food of the Cahuilla native people, and often blooms with hot pink flowers in spring. Photo: Ritchie Porch on Flickr

Modernist architect Berthold Lubetkin designed the London Zoo Penguin pool in 1934. “Lubetkin conceived it as a stage set with walkways for the waddling penguins in the favourite constructivist form of a double helix and a spacious pool where they could show off their speed and grace when swimming”…