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Delving beneath the surface of life at Patternity Studio


To coincide with the launches of the AW14 PATTERNITY X Clarks Originals desert boots and our Clarks Originals Pioneers film, PATTERNITY considers the variety of patterns that take shape in arid environments around the world.

Severe heat and swirling sands create landscapes like no other, forcing life to its limits. PATTERNITY has explored the archives and crossed the globe to select inspirational patterns found in deserts from Arizona to Egypt…

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PATTERNITY has once again joined forces with Clarks Originals, this time looking at the brand’s most iconic unisex style, the desert boot, through a microscopic lens. PATTERNITY join Clarks Originals for a Q&A to explore the inspiration behind their print and discuss how PATTERNITY uses the research and application of pattern to encourage a more mindful way of both ‘seeing and being’….

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On International Day of Friendship we celebrate the diversity of our PATTERNITY network- who since 2009 have shared their pattern inspirations and explorations from all four corners of the globe.

This is a curated edit of #PATTERNITY taken by our PATTERNITY Instagram community this year – an homage to the Universal language of pattern that connects us all to our environment and each other….

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The hexagonal theobromine particle, the starting place for our latest special project The Structure of Chocolate, encouraged us to seek out hexagonal forms in everything in microscopic cells to cloud formations. All images are from the online PATTERNITY Research Archive…

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Famed for his contribution to Pop Art in the sixties, Ed Ruscha is known also for capturing moments and environments of the everyday. His photographic work in particular explores objects and incidences of the mundane; Ruscha became fascinated with swimming pools, gas stations and parking lots after noticing them around LA where he lived and worked.

He was offered a ride in a helicopter over the city and captured parking lots from above:

“Seeing the topside of something instead of necessarily looking directly on [with] baseline perspective, looking over the top of something allows for [more of a] view, to do with perspective. [Different] things diminish and come into the foreground”….

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The 12th April 1961 marked the first time that a human entered space: Yuri Gagarin was a Russian cosmonaut whose Vostok Spacecraft orbited the Earth.

Here PATTERNITY pairs magnificent images showing human Space endeavours and the progress made since that first venture into the unknown, with things much more rooted to terra firma; reminding us of the vastness of space, and the interconnected nature of the whole Universe…

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