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Kicking off the Menswear for AW15, London Collections: Men piqued our interest showing autumnal outerwear with a focus on glossy leathers.

Check back in soon for the full AW15 Menswear PATTERNITY roundup from shows across London, Paris and Milan…

Revisit the menswear pattern picks for SS15 and AW14

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A celebration of our most striking pattern pairings from this year’s PATTERNITY archive, these parallels challenge our perception of the everyday by exposing the common language of pattern, uniting the worlds of fashion and design with science, nature, geology and more…

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“Technology shapes our world and we become increasingly inseparable from it, while most of us consider ourselves outsiders with no say in the matter. That does not seem right to me. If something is a major force in our lives, we should be able to ‘touch it’ rather than be at its mercy.”

Lianne Polinder’s textile collection, Technomimicry, explores the relationship “between technology ornament and function”. Wanting to create a tactile reaction to the LCD screens and new technology, Polinder used innovative weaving techniques to create eye-tricking fabrics bridging the gap between screen and the physical, reminiscent of the repetitive cells in LCD screens and solar panels…

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Looking ahead to SS15, New York, London, Milan and Paris offered us patterned fashion across the board. From pleating and gathered shapes creating structural pattern in many collections, to daring prints inspired by wildcats at Giles, or repeats inspired by ancient history at Versace and KTZ.

Many of the surface trends reflected those seen in the Menswear: stripes galore and patchwork colour, but much fun was had with form in the womenswear with Seventies shapes and asymmetric cuts providing new shapes, as well as playful textiles of fluffy fur and rippling iridescent fabrics.

PATTERNITY have collected the best patterned picks of SS15….

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Inspired by 3D modelling software glitches, Israeli designer Noa Raviv has created sculptural garments of warping lines and grids bringing the digital into the physical by combining 3-D printing and more traditional pattern cutting techniques.

The unique designs used Greek and Roman Classical Sculptures as a starting point, being manipulated and warped, and manifesting into hi-tech garments that trick the eye…

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Breton Stripe has persevered as one of the most simple and timeless patterns in fashion, having originated from humble maritime origins. As we Celebrate the Day of the Seafarer, we take a look at the influence of Breton in fashion history….

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