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An Opuntia basilaris – otherwise known as the ‘Beavertail Cactus’ – grows in Joshua Tree in California. The plant was a staple food of the Cahuilla native people, and often blooms with hot pink flowers in spring. Photo: Ritchie Porch on Flickr

As a surface dries or comes under stress, seemingly abstract formations of wrinkles occur. Researchers at MIT have come up with a mathematical equation that can predict the patterns these natural contours will take across curved surfaces.

“If you look at skin, there’s a harder layer of tissue, and underneath is a softer layer, and you see these wrinkling patterns that make fingerprints,” says Jörn Dunkel, an assistant professor of mathematics at MIT. “Could you, in principle, predict these patterns? It’s a complicated system, but there seems to be something generic going on, because you see very similar patterns over a huge range of scales.”

Scientists are now able to forecast how varying forces and shapes of surfaces determine the shape of the wrinkles – which range from regular hexagon like formations to swirling labyrinths.

Find out more about their wrinkle based research…

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Today, seven cities around the world released a crowdsourced collection of data, where dwellers across San Francisco, Geneva, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, Bangalore, Singapore, and Boston collected information measuring air quality, noise, pollution, light, and temperature using DIY ‘hacking’ techniques.

Over 100 sensors tracked the cities’ environments, and it is hoped the data will be used by creatives, universities, hackers and makers alike to create new innovations and ideas, and to create a greater awareness about the urban spaces around us.

Find out more about the Data Canvas Sense Your City project as it goes live today…

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The Autumn/Winter offerings for Menswear shown over the past few weeks were decidedly fitting for the season, with autumnal colour palettes of ochres, purples and greys alongside heavy wools and sturdy outerwear.

Many designs seemed inspired by the idea of Utility, with designers such as Christopher Raeburn and Dries Van Noten putting together technical ensembles incorporating hi-vis stripes and waterproof fabrics. Astrid Anderson and Maharishi’s offerings were more militaristic, with camouflage and berets included in their almost anarchist designs.

Scores of designers included leathery, glossy fabrics ranging from slouchy bombers at Nasir Mazhar and Agi + Sam to high gloss macs and slacks at Calvin Klein, using modern textiles to update classic shapes.

Here PATTERNITY Explore picks out the best patterns for Menswear AW15…

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NASA’s New Horizions expedition, launched over nine years ago, is due to reach its goal as it nears the dwarf planet Pluto. Completing the longest journey of any spacecraft – travelling over 7.5 billion kilometers – the New Horizons Spacecraft will explore the icy outer edge of our solar system as it passes by Pluto, teaching us more about the infinite universe that we share and the origins of our very own planet.…

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