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Continuing our celebration of the omnipresent and unifying nature of pattern – we bring together interviews with our network of specialists, new PATTERNITY STUDIO projects updates, event information and focussed research articles on life’s many patterns on and beneath the surface. For specific information regarding PATTERNITY research, studio projects or events please contact press@patternity.org


#WorldWaterDay In 2015, the theme for World Water Day is ‘Water and Sustainable Development’. It’s about how water links to all areas we need to consider to create the future we want. #waves #wave #ripple #ocean #Barbados #PATTERNITY  #pattern #nature #water 

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Scientists have discovered that bats use the patterns created by polarised sunlight to navigate. Polarised light occurs when the Sun’s light waves are scattered as they come into contact with the Earth’s atmosphere – the variance of the scattering is caused by various atmospheric and geographical conditions.

The mouse eared bats studied are the first mammals that have been observed as seeing polarised light, though many insects, birds and reptiles have the ability to see the polarised spectrum.
This fascinating method highlights the variety and ingenuity of nature, and that there are many unseen things at work in the world around us…

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The best design is often borne out of constraints, when makers are forced to work with restricted resources.
The iconic Risom Lounge chair is one such object. Danish American designer Jens Risom created the piece just before he was drafted into the US Army during the Second World War. Materials were scarce and austerity was encouraged, so Risom was forced to turn to what was available: in this case surplus parachute straps.…

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The AW15 womenswear was hotly anticipated and did not disappoint. The resounding reference for this season was the sixties and seventies, with influences in cut, colour and print as well as styling and the way that garments were layered for the winter months. Fabrics were sumptuous with thick rolling knitwear and disco ready shimmers, and hemlines were often flared.

Prints were decidedly geometric: with classic bold stripes at House of Holand and Sibling, and tiling blocks at Opening Ceremony and Acne Studios. Off-kilter shapes adorned both Loewe and Lacoste garments, as well as jagged zags at Gucci and Christopher Kane.

As is custom, PATTERNITY have kept our eye out for the prominent trends in pattern material and form for this latest season…

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The Soundweaving Project took traditional Hungarian embroidery patterns and transformed them into musical scores using a custom music box. Embroidered shirts and pillows from the Transylvanian Bukovina, and from Kalotaszeg and Hungary served as a basis for the patterns which were then laser-punched into cards and fed through the musical machine…

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