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Continuing our celebration of the omnipresent and unifying nature of pattern – we bring together interviews with our network of specialists, new PATTERNITY STUDIO projects updates, event information and focussed research articles on life’s many patterns on and beneath the surface. For specific information regarding PATTERNITY research, studio projects or events please contact press@patternity.org


It’s the last chance to experience artist-composer Ryoji Ikeda’s installation Supersymmetry at The Vinyl Factory in London. Ikeda has drawn upon his experiences as artist in resident with CERN, who have been researching the idea of ‘supersymmetry’: a theoretical mathematical model that helps explain why particles have mass.

Mixing data projections and moving representations of particles, Ikeda visualises unseen patterns at an atomic level, immersing visitors in a visceral, multi-sensory experience that begins to unpick some of the bigger questions in mathematics and physics…

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The sweltering heatwave in India has become so extreme that the streets are beginning to melt and warp. Over a thousand people have died and countless more are struggling in the sweltering temperatures. Hot dry weather patterns emerging from winds from the desert states are said to have caused the unusually high temperatures. Many people don’t have access to air conditioning, making the 48 degree temperatures unmanagable. The National Disaster Authority Government has issued advice in order for people to stay safe in the heat, including avoiding tea, coffee and alcohol, which can be read here .

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“We live in a world that follows a fixed idea of time, a standard synchronized time held in place by time zones, clocks, and calendars. Instagram users reveal a different idea of time, a richly textured irregular time in which the setting sun and end of the day for one individual is the beginning of the day for another, a never-ending loop.”

All Our Suns is a map visualization of photos tagged #sunset and #sunrise uploaded to Instagram in the past 24 hours and updated in real-time. While Instagram users upload photos of the sunset within 4 hours of the sun setting, many Instagram users wait until the end of the day to reminiscence about the sunrise…

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Master mathematician and origamist Robert Lang shares the underlying principles of the art paper folding in this TED talk, showing that by exploring mathematics through visual forms, new understanding and discoveries can be made.
By uncovering the different crease patterns, Lang highlights the implications of origami in areas like product design, with folded designs being utilised in airbags and valve stents…

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The transformative effects of the sun on leather have been exploited by designer Nendo in a new range of products. Tanning oil or sunscreen is applied in an invisible pattern on the surface of the leather objects. At first, the product appears to be plain leather, but with use and exposure to sunlight, the pattern gradually begins to reveal itself. Nendo said “We wanted it to be a design that would highlight the beauty of leather over time”…

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Using scientific investigation techniques, artist duo Coral Morphographic capture coral in all of its glory from their studio and the waters surrounding their local area in Miami.

Showcasing the stunning organisms using time lapse techniques, Coral Morphographic prove that “The coral as an organism, as a symbol, is the perfect hybrid of art and science.”…

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